Dear reader,

Today, our doctoral program supports four departments, the Department of Food Science, the Department of Nutritional Science, the Department of Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management and the Graduate Institute of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science. In order to attract and reward students with outstanding academic performance and to assist those who are from disadvantaged backgrounds or have special circumstances, our program offers three incentive programs: First, awards for outstanding entrance exam scores, with NT$20,000 awarded to those ranked first in each group; second, awards for outstanding research, with NT$10,000 awarded to those winning a research paper competition at an external symposium, and NT$5,000 awarded to those publishing a paper as first author in a journal ranked in the top 20% in their field; third, grants of NT$30,000 for those from disadvantaged backgrounds or with special circumstances who have applied for student loans for the semester.

Many graduates of our doctoral program have distinguished themselves in a wide range of professions, and we hope that with your donations, we can further develop our program to be more sustainable, and cultivate a new, outstanding generation. The money raised through these donations will be used to nurture even more outstanding talents and let the power of education shine.

How to donate:

Please fill out the donation form and select your preferred method of donation, then email or fax it back to the Ph.D. Program in Nutrition and Food Science.

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Ph.D. Program in Nutrition and Food Science, Ms. Li Wen-chun (Secretary)

Tel: +886 2 2905 6045
Fax: +886 2 2901 0167
Fu Jen Catholic University, #510, Zhongzheng Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 242062, Taiwan(R.O.C)

Wishing you all good health and peace in the new year,

Director of the Ph.D. Program in Nutrition and Food Science