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Admission Evaluation

Documents Review

Additional Documents Required

  1. Autobiography (Chinese or English)

  2. Study plan (Chinese or English): This program consists of four tracks, Food Science, Nutritional Science, Biomedicine, as well as Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management. Please indicate on page 1 the track you are applying for.

  3. Chinese proficiency certificate or proof (e.g., transcript of proficiency test, term paper or additional documents that support your application)

  4. Publications: at least one copy of the followings

    1. Master thesis

    2. Peer reviewed research papers

    3. Research reports including conference posters or proceedings.

  5. Two recommendation letters


  1. Most courses are taught in Chinese. Most textbooks are in English. Most instructors communicate well in English.

  2. Eligible application: Individuals with MS degree from the following related fields: Food Science; Nutritional Science; Biomedicine; Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management.

  3. FJCU Center of Chinese Language and Culture offers fee-paying Mandarin learning courses. The International Student Center offers 6-hour free evening Mandarin courses per week. International students will be assigned buddies to help them boost their Mandarin proficiency.

Admission Brochure

For details, please refer to the Admission Brochure  (FallSpring)


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